March 15, 2012

Using cut-outs for games and activities

I have been playing with the new
10", 6" and 1" cut outs.

I used the 10" penguins to make 
this sorting board.
The words and idea are from
a book called Word Sorting.
Just stick the word ending on 
the penguin and sort the word.

On the next board the words are again from
Word Sorting.
I used the 10" pencils
cut into thirds.
Each third has one part of
a contraction.
Match the words and match up the pencil.

The next game is on a magnet board.
The big bubble bee is from the 
10" bugs cut-outs.
The cards in the stacks have 
addition and subtraction 
problems on them.
Use the little bugs (with magnets on the back)
to illustrate the problem.

12 bugs were sitting on a leaf.
6 bugs came to join them.
How many bugs were on the leaf?

These words are from one of the 
Language Games Galore books.
All of the Games Galore books are
great for match-ups.
This homophone game uses
the 10" and 1" pencil cut outs.
There are two magnet strips down the middle.
Magnets are on the backs of the words.

Buttons Buttons was one of our first 
Learn to Read books.
I used it as the framework for a child-made
book using the 1" buttons.
The buttons come in different colors and shapes
so it is an easy book for kids to make.

The buttons also come in stickers if 
you want to make even smaller books.
Almost all of the 1" cut outs are also 
in sticker form so you can use them in 
lots of projects.

Stickers or 1" cut outs are great from graphs.
Mr. Noisy's Book of Patterns  is a great model.

Then you can use a calendar printed on the 
new B/W computer paper to record the 
weather each day.
The 1" cut outs are stored 
in the B/W library pocket.
What's the Weather Like Today? 
is a great model book.

Did you notice one raindrop is upside down??
I hope that doesn't represent a tornado!

Next week I will be in Baltimore at 
National School Supply and Equipment Association.
That is were all you local school stores buy 
the great stuff for next BTS.

I will let you know if I find any really cool stuff
.....besides the cool CTP stuff 
that will be there, of course .

March 8, 2012


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Hope is one of the most powerful feelings I know.
Hopelessness is one of the loneliest!

Is there someone that you can "be there" for today?

This is a friendship quilt that we made in first grade.
We used the new quilt 10" cut outs.

Each child wrote his name 
and drew a picture of himself 
in the center of the square.

The kids wrote important things 
about themselves 
in each of the four corners.

What do you do well?
What is your favorite color?
What is your best subject in school?
What do you like to eat?

Then, they passed around their squares.
Friends wrote words on another friend's square...
words that complimented the person
words that described the person
words that affirmed the person

Rachael is happy, nice, funny, helping.....

"Be there" for a friend today.
Let him or her know how you feel.

Affirmation brings hope!!!

March 3, 2012

How to fill someone's bucket...

A few months ago I did a post
 about filling another person's bucket.

I ran across this poster on Pinterest
and thought it was a perfect way 
to teach kids about being a friend
and about bucket filling.

How do you fill someone's bucket?

say hello
offer help
use “please” and “thank you"

CTP has made bucket filling even easier. 

Now we have "real" buckets 
in the form of 6" cut outs .

Kids can write a compliment to a friend 
on a strip of paper and put it in 
their friend's bucket. 

In this display I slit the top of each bucket 
so the strips of paper would slip easily inside.

Kate told me they do this in her class.
At the end of the day the teacher collects 
all the strips and reads the compliments 
along with the name of the bucket filler
to the class. 

They are making a chain 
from all the strips of compliments. 

Their goal is 5000 links in the chain 
by the end of the year.

Close this window
Have you filled a bucket today????
Get your buckets from CTP!!!

If you are looking for a friend
you will find they are few.

If you are looking to be a friend
you will find them everywhere.