January 22, 2011

100th Day of School

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Can you believe that your kids are already
100 days smarter?

The 100th day of school is coming up soon. 
Why not celebrate!
CTP has everything that you need.

Use the 100 cut-outs to make glasses.  Just attach pipe cleaners to each side and connect in the center back.

You can fashion hats and headbands using the 
 100 cut-outs. 
Remember the hats you used to make from newspapers.  Fold the newspaper hats and add 100 of anything. 
100 of any of the mini cut-outs are perfect.

What can you do 100 times?  Each child writes in his own answer on the bookmark.  You can also use them to make great necklaces. Just punch a hole and add a ribbon and the bookmark becomes a necklace.  When the child wears it anyone can see what he can do 100 times.

The headband is made from 10 squares. 
Each square has 10 Hot Spot stickers. 
10 X 10 = 100
You can also practice counting by tens.

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For more creative ideas to celebrate the 100th day go to the link below.


1 comment:

  1. I made the glasses with the 100 cut out last year my students loved it but it became a nussance item for them later in the day so this year I am using the same cut outs & making a necklace. I will also pass out the 100 day certificate & stickers. I might just have to try out the hat idea too. I LOVE CPT, I just blogged about their new product catalog arriving. It was an exciting day for me. Thankyou for posting some great ideas with the CPT products.

    Ms. M