July 20, 2012


Have you noticed how many classrooms have trees?
Apples...trees...I guess they go together with school. 

This picture is from Learning is an Adventure 
from Debra White's classroom.

Check out my post from
August1, 2011.
There are more pictures of her classroom.

Debra's tree is painted on the wall.  
If you don't want anything that permanent 
you might want to take a look at 
CTP's Apple Tree bulletin board.
CTP 4042

I used the tree in a science class all year long.
We start in August when it is really sizzling here.

I bought two copies of a great book...
The Reasons for Seasons 
by Gail Gibbons. 
The Reasons for Seasons
I love her non-fiction books. 

I cut the books apart so that I could show both sides of the pages.
I posted on the bulletin board, the pages about summer.
I really should have bought another book and put it in the 
science center so that the kids could read the entire book in order.

In September I added the basket
 from the bulletin board set.
I put the apples on the tree and 
in the basket.
In autumn I changed the border to leaves 
and changed the green leaves to colored leaves of fall.

I added the pages for autumn from The Reasons for Seasons.

In winter I removed all the leaves and
put snowflakes in the air and on the ground.

I added the winter pages of the book to the bottom of the tree.

In spring, I went back to the beginning with the green leaves.
I added a spring border and a few flowers 
around the pages from the book. 

There you have one very versatile bulletin board.
Do the work once and you have the basics for the entire year.

Be sure to use fade less background paper 
so the bulletin board will look fresh all year!


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