October 11, 2012

How to make a Step Book

Here is another of my favorites 
Read, Write, and Publish.

This is how to make a step-book.

Step-books are great for recording life cycles.
Butterflies and frogs are easy to do if you use 
CTP mini bulletin board called Life Cycles.
All the pictures are there.

Another use is for teaching ordinal words: 
first, next, then, and last.
I made this book to go with the reader,
Tess Builds a Snowman.
The pages inside show the order
in which the snowman is built.

This is the Five Little Monkeys book that I posted a few weeks ago.
It is good for teaching counting forward and backwards.

This is an "All About Me" book.
It is great for getting to know the kids in your class.

In our class, everyone is "thumb-body " special.

You can also use a step-book to sequence the events in a story.
This is from the reader
Who Will Help".
You will find that no one is willing to help with the work.
But, everyone is willing to help with the eating.
Does that sound familiar?

Take a giant step and make 
a step-book with your class.

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  1. Do you have a Microsoft Word template for the step book?